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Title Highest ‘AA’ Compliance Grade Acquired Date 2016-05-31




Highest ‘AA’ Compliance Grade Acquired





Hyundai Elevator obtained the highest possible grade of AA in the ‘2015 Compliance Program Rating’ program managed by the
Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC).
The Compliance Program is an internal compliance system independently established and operated by companies to observe
fair trade laws.
After entering the Compliance Program in 2012, Hyundai Elevator set up a dedicated compliance team and drastically reinforced
its internal compliance management structure. In July 2015, the company expressed its resolve to create a compliance-friendly
environment by launching a Compliance Program Committee.
The KFTC’s Compliance Program Rating scheme was introduced in Korea in 2006. To date, only 41 companies have acquired the
highest grade of AA, and Hyundai Elevator is the first Korean elevator company among them.