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How big is the Hyundai Asan Tower? Standing 205.2m above and 15m below ground level, the elevator test tower is world class, covering an area of 4,351㎡
How is the Hyundai Asan Tower Structured? As a steel and concrete structure, the tower has a triangular column, and the upper structure that houses the elevator machine room is circular.
How does the Hyundai Asan Tower compare to other standard architectural structures? Hyundai Asan Tower’s height is equivalent to that of a 52 story building. The 1st floor encompasses the Exhibition Room, Public Relations Center, and the MH Jung R&D Center. The 52nd Sky Lounge is located above the 50th floor transfer platform and 51st floor elevator machine room.
What kind of tests are done at the Hyundai Asan Tower? All systems and parts related to high speed operations are tested for vibration, noise, temperature, pressure, and others to ensure reliability and safety. The facility also helps in the development and testing of our double deck elevators and ultra-high speed elevators that can operate at speeds up to 1080m/min.
What is the significance of Hyundai Asan Tower’s design? The column that makes up the main frame of the test tower is modeled after the Hyundai Group’s triangular logo and represents Hyundai Elevator’s flight into the future.
What is the value of Hyundai Asan Tower? With the architectural market around the world booming with new supertall buildings, having a world class test tower facility allows us to prove our ultra-high speed elevator technology and the reliability of our high speed elevators in a test environment closest to a real live operational situation. In other words, we can test our elevators in a real live environment, not a simulated test environment, allowing us to upgrade our elevator technology to higher level.
What is the current status of worldwide high speed elevator installations? As of September 2010, the world’s fastest elevator title belongs to the 1080m/min elevator at our Hyundai Asan Tower. Next is the Tapei 101 building elevator in Taipei that can reach up to a speed of 1010m/min. The elevator in the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, can operate at a speed of up to 600m/min.

The world’s fastest elevator

The world’s fastest elevator, THE EL1080, operates at a speed of 1,080m/min and can travel from the 1st floor to the 50th floor in 25 seconds. It is the culmination of pure domestic elevator technology development and is rewriting elevator history.

Double Deck Elevator

The double deck elevator operates tow vertically connected elevator cars in one elevator shaft, and depending on form of operation, can increase load capacity by up to 1.8 times standard capacity. A 600m/min double deck elevator, the EL600D, is currently installed in our Hyundai Asan Tower.
The EL600D is a world class double deck elevator that incorporates the use of a Floor Distance Adjustable Device that allows operations in buildings with uneven heights between floors.

World’s fastest observation elevator

The world’s fastest observation elevator operates at a speed of 420m/min. This speed is the fastest of any observation elevator, but also provides a comfortable passenger experience and has received rave reviews for its elegant design.
The interior, as well as the doors have a streamlined design, with floor indicators also displaying operating speed. Passengers can enjoy the exterior view from inside the transparent glass windows, and can enjoy the scenery of Mt. Keumkang from the 2nd floor and below, where the outside view is not available.

Shuttle elevator with floor lighting

The shuttle elevator operating from the 50th floor to the sky lounge is a machine-room-less elevator operating at a speed of 60m/min.
The elevator floor is also equipped with a special shadow-detecting device that activates the elevator lighting system. The floor lighting also indicates each passenger’s personal space, allowing some relief from psychological nervousness that can occur when personal space is invaded in a location with limited space.

Elevator with hand write enabled OPB(Operating Panal Board)

This new style OPB allows passengers to hand write their destination floors on the touch screen instead of pushing the button for the elevator. This type OPB is combines our IT technology such as touch screen and touch pad capabilities, together with elevator technology, resulting in a button-less car with an immaculate and orderly appearance, letting your building’s image stand out from the rest.