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New Corporate Culture 4T

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Hyundai Group’s new corporate culture 「4T」underpins the principles of the revitalized management policy which aims to take the company to new levels of success and achievement.

The 「4T」approach reinforces the forward-looking outlook of Hyundai Group. 「4T」stands for: Trust, Talent, Tenacity, and Togetherness. Together they are designed to create a high performance, high integrity organization. The freshly expressed company philosophy aims to further the creativity long associated with the group, and to maximize unity and morale.

Hyundai Group outlined its corporate culture 「4T」in September 2008 with a stress on the importance of good communication and shared responsibilities. Hyundai Group also distributed 「4T」manuals to its employees to highlight the principles that should guide them in their dayto- day activities.