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    트위터 페이스북 미투데이

Hyundai Elevator, an affiliated company of Hyundai Group, is a Total Moving Solution Provider that supplies a full series

of elevators, escalators, automated material handling systems, auto-parking systems, PSD(Platform Screen Doors) and

so on. We at Hyundai Elevator do our best to create a comfortable and convenient future through the creation of

maximum movement value from our technology and experience.




  • Incorporated : May 23, 1984
  • Directors : Bob Jang
  • Number of Employees : 2,130 (As of February, 2017)



    Business Lines



  • Elevators, Escalators and Moving Walks
  • Parking Systems (Cars)


    Main facilities



    In our 46,484m2 state of the art facility we manufacture products including elevators, parking systems.

    R & D Center

    R & D Center was established in 1986 and employs over 100 employees and is the core of our new product development efforts.

    Test Tower Go Test Tower

    Standing 205m high, our ultra- high speed test tower, named the Hyundai Asan Tower, was completed in April 2009 and is used to test for vibration, noise, pressure, as well as the reliability and safety of the parts and components related to ultra- high speed systems.

    At the Hyundai Asan Tower, you will find the world’s fastest elevator running at speeds up to 1080m/min, as well as the 600m/min high speed double deck elevator, and the world’s fastest 420m/min high speed observation elevator.