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Development of top talent is a core objective at Hyundai Elevator. In order to achieve that objective, we provide functional and level-appropriate training to our employees, as well as individual career development opportunities through a variety of educational programs.

To develop strong initiative leadership talent, basic and advanced leadership training is provided at each level
New Asst. Manager training, New Manager training, New Deputy General Manager training, New General Manager training, and 3rd year training at each level.

Provide external training courses per individual needs in order to develop functional expertise.
Enroll employees in various educational programs with professional training organizations to increase functional expertise

Provide various educational programs to improve core functional capabilities
Win-win negotiation skills, presentation skills development, planning skills enhancement program, time management program, project management, rational problem solving, creative thinking, strategic thinking and management program, communication techniques, building successful inter-personal relationships, sensitivity training

Provide various educational programs to support individuals’ self development
Foreign language training assistance, online courses and correspondence training, etc.