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  • Destination Selecting System
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Destionation Selecting System(HELIAS)

The Destination Selecting System allows passengers to select their destination floor at the platform and automatically selects the optimal elevator to service the call without the passenger having to select floors again inside the car.


Time savings with optimization

Reduced waiting and riding time as the system selects the most efficient elevator for optimal service.

Improved energy and operating efficiency

Grouping passengers with the same destination floor to the same elevator, unnecessary operations can be reduced and energy conserved.

Convenience and Security

Linking building access cards to work with the elevator will automatically register tenants’ floor into the system, and allow users to call and select destination floors with a swipe of the building access card, providing convenience to tenants, and preventing unauthorized entry to the building.

Variety of real time information

In addition to destination floor and operating status, the in-car LCD display can provide real time information on the weather, stock prices, and headline news.

The Destination Selecting System should be used in a large building with high levels of traffic, or a building with multiple tenant companies requiring access security.

The fingerprint recognition system scans and recognizes the fingerprints of registered passengers and automatically deliver them to their designated floors. Use of the elevator call button is temporarily suspended until the elevator arrives at the registered destination floor and return to their normal operations after arriving on the designated floor. By maintaining a database for the fingerprint recognition device, it is designed to function normally if the server is suspended due to an unexpected network failure. It also features a keypad password system that allows passengers to enter a numeric password in case fingerprint recognition is not possible, and is also equipped with graphic LCD and voice support systems for improved user convenience.

The fingerprint recognition system can be installed as an addition to existing elevators, or as an additional security measure for large building with high volume traffic such as hotels, officetels, etc. It is also a very effective system for facilities such as hospitals that have the need for both quick access as well as prevention of unauthorized entry while dealing with emergency situations.