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Two vertically connected elevators in one hoistway

  • Speed :600m/min
  • Max. Height :600m (150+ floors)
  • Product inquiry :82-2-3670-0877/ 0674
  • Introduction
  • Characteristics
  • Main Spec.
  • Application

The double deck elevator simultaneously operates two vertically connected elevators in one hoistway, and depending on the form of operations, can increase transport capacity by up to 1.8 times standard capacity.

The EL Duo is a world class double deck elevator developed by Hyundai Elevator that uses an ultra strong chain operating system to prevent slippage, and has a Floor Distance Adjustable Device that allows operations in buildings with varying floor height.

  • By operating two vertically connected elevator cars in one hoistway and servicing two floors simultaneously, transport capacity can be increased by up to 1.8 times standard capacity.
  • Fewer number of elevator hoistways (up to 30% less compared to single deck units) reduce construction cost and maximizes space utility.
  • The Floor Distance Adjustable Device can adjust to varying floor heights of up to 7m, allowing for maximum design efficiency.
  • Use of one traction motor to operate two elevators allow for reduced product weight.
  • The 9 Phase motor operating system allows safe operations in emergency situations.
Item Spec. Remarks
Max. Operating Speed 600m /min World’s best specifications
Max. Operating Height 600m (150+ stories)
Max. Load 5000㎏
Max. Passenger Capacity 70 persons (35 persons x 2)  
Traction Machine 9 Phase motor (3 Phase motor x 3 Set), 3 Phase motor The 9 Phase motor allows continuous operations even if a failure should occur in other areas of the motor or control panel. (Fault Tolerance Drive)
Control Panel Power regenerating inverter

※ Please consult Hyundai for detailed information regarding standard installation lauout plans and dimensions.