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Ethical Management

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    트위터 페이스북 미투데이

  Introduction of ethical management

  •        Based on Hyundai Group’s fair trade provisions enacted in 1997, the practice of ethical management was
  •        substantively incorporated in 2006

  Enactment of ethical management provisions

  •        Established a decision making standard for ethical management
  •        In September 2006, an Ethics Handbook was published and distributed to all employees and related companies.

Item Descriptions
Charter Encourage ethical actions and pronounce that all employees should be of sound values
Ethical Standards Define ethical standards for all employees and related parties based on management philosophy
Action Guidelines Guidelines to help understand and act in an ethical manner
Practice Guidelines Specific guidelines to support ethical actions in daily work

Organization and systems to support ethical management

  • Reporting and protecting system : Online cyber reporting system and Ethics Management Hotline
  • Internal management reporting system : Semi-annual departmental evaluation of workflow appropriateness
  • Ethical Management Dept : Designated department responsible for promoting ethical management and investigating reports of violations.

Various activities to support ethical management practices and ingrain ethical management mindset

  • Ethical management training : Online ethics training and ethics seminars
  • Ethics self-diagnostics sheet : Provided all employees with ethics self-diagnostics sheet to reference at work and in daily lives.
  • Ethical management pledge : All employees are required to sign pledge annually.