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Social Resposibility Activity

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    트위터 페이스북 미투데이

As expressed through our slogan “corporate growth through sharing”, Hyundai Elevator pursues continuous interaction with our society as a responsible member of the society, and continues to give back to the society so that we all can prosper together.

Giving back

Round-down contribution funds

Established in July 1997, the round-down contribution fund rounds down employees payroll to the nearest thousand, and uses the contributed funds to help those in need.

Maching grant funds

In November 2008 the company began matching employee round-down contributions to establish a scholarship fund and promote higher education in the local area.

Social contributions

Social responsibility program

  • Support industrial facility visits
  • Free elevator inspection services
  • proper elevator usage campaigns
  • subway safety helper services, etc.

Community service

  • Share happiness! Home repair with love
  • Welfare facility volunteering
  • Food kitchen volunteering
  • Blood drive with love campaign
  • Briquette delivery with love


  • Keeping our mountains and streams clean
  • Re-discovering Chung-Gye-Chun
  • Preserve Hong Neung campaign


  • Support welfare facilities
  • support rural sister communities
  • coffee shop with love activities
  • Book support for the multi-cultured families