Air Cargo Systems

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    트위터 페이스북 미투데이
Incheon International Airport

We provide efficient total air cargo systems that include development of optimized to-be models, multi-interface systems, implementation of stable and reliable IT systems, and high performance high quality logistics equipment, etc

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Cargo Handling System

Our cargo handling systems ensure the smooth transportation of cargo between aircraft and arrival locations utilizing various technology including ETV (Elevating Transfer Vehicles), TV(Transfer Vehicles), Stacker Crane, Monorail System, Workstations, Turntables, Conveyors, Storage Deck, and others. By combining these technologies with cargo data processing systems, we can provide an optimal solution for every type of location and environment.
Application : Import Air Cargo, Export Air Cargo, Transit Air Cargo

Baggage Handling System

Our system ensures traveling convenience by providing fast and efficient baggage handling as well as efficient organization of air logistics services.

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