Cold Storage

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    트위터 페이스북 미투데이
Cold Storage

Number one supplier of cold storage in Korea

Automated storage and retrieval system capable of operating under extreme temperatures as low as -25 C, provides high storage efficiency and energy savings.

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Improved working environment : Temperature in the computer room and in the shipping and receiving areas are maintained at an optimal level so that workers do not have to operate in the harsh working environment of the cold storage area.

Reduced labor and operations optimization : Increased efficiency and labor reductions are realized through the use of automated storage systems and deployment of automated vehicle guidance systems.

Increased storage capacity : Flexible design and high-stacking automated storage systems have minimized dead space frequently seen in conventional storage facilities.

First-In-First-Out : Use of automated computer control provides accurate and reliable FIFO retrieval and provides customers with the highest level of service by maintaining the highest quality products in storage.

Uni System : Uni system allows installation of standardized refrigerated storage systems at low cost and construction time in order to efficiently upgrade existing buildings with automated storage capabilities.

Material Flow

  • [Sea Food]Dongwon Systems, Korea ( Icheon Logistics Center Cold Storage Facility, 2009)
  • [Bakery]Artiseeboulangerie, Korea ( Ansung Factory Cold Storage Facility, 2008)
  • [Poultry]Orpum (Automated Cold Storage Facility New Construction, 2008)
  • [Poultry]Greenbytech, Korea (Agricultural Products Processing Factory New Construction, 2008)
  • [Meat]Samjin Globalnet, Krea( No. 3 Automated Cold Storage Facility Expansion, 2005)
  • [Meat]Samjin Globalnet, Korea (Kwangju Automated Cold Storage Facility New Construction , 2003)
  • [Frozen dessert]Sinyoung Corporation, Korea (Refrigerated Products Storage Facility, 2001)